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why komli?

Best in Class Analytics

Komli Mobile Supports best in class analytics that enables you to track : Unique Visitors, Traffic, Platforms, Carrier Breakdown

Full Control over Publishers

Komli Mobile enables the passing of publisher site Ids to advertiser landing page URLs enabling advertisers to monitor performance for each individual site id.If the performance of any site is not meeting expectations, Komli Mobile will block the non performing mobile site.

Powerful Tools

Landing Pages : If you do not have a landing page, we can build one for you using your creative assets at no additional cost
Email Alerts : Komli Mobile offers automated email alerts for traffic reports that provides you daily traffic statistics delivered to your inbox. This service can be configured on-demand.

Access to Quality Inventory

Komli Mobile gives access to premium and relevant traffic that drives better results.

Managed Campaign Execution or Self Service Platform

Allow our teams to share insights to drive better results through managed campaigns. You can even execute self-service campaigns through our online platform.

Android / iPhone Campaign Tool

Komli Mobile has a dedicated campaign tool enabling advertisers to create campaigns targeted at Android / iPhone Platforms. Komli Mobile Supports all major 3rd party install attribution tools like MAT, AdX, Appsalar, Appsflyer, Adjust etc

Landing Page Generator

Komli Mobile includes full-fledged landing page generator to build dynamic landing pages for advertisers who do not have mobile presence.
The landing page generator enables the advertiser to define custom based landing pages or to define landing pages for click-to-call, lead generation or other types of landing pages.




Media Updates

Where will my Ad be served?
Komli Mobile has partnered with various mobile publishers and content aggregators. The Ads based on the level of targeting, are served on these publishers’ Sites / Apps.
Does it cost me anything to sign-up?
No, it is a free process.
Who can Advertise on Komli Mobile?
Any organization which wants to communicate a message to its target audience can be an Advertiser on Komli Mobile.
How much does it cost to run a campaign?
The cost of a campaign is directly related to the level of targeting an Advertiser chooses. Higher the level of targeting higher would be the cost. On SMS we would charge the Advertiser on a CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) while on WAP we would charge on CPC (cost per click) basis for Text Ads and Banner Ads
I don’t have my own mobile site can I still run Ads on Komli Mobile?
Yes, you can do so by using our brand new tool to create landing pages in a jiffy
I don’t have my own mobile site can I still run Ads on Komli Mobile?
Yes, you can do so by using our brand new tool to create landing pages in a jiffy

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