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ViziSense releases custom research on Women's Online Behaviour Patterns:
  • Top Online Destinations/ Categories
  • Key Demographics of the audience
  • Social Media Break up
  • Time Spent / Time of day/ Day of week and more...


ViziSense releases custom research on Social Media Consumption:
  • Top Cities
  • Top Sites
  • Top Activities
  • Top Applications
  • Demographics

Social Media

Online Banking report - tracks usage and activity on the top 5 banking sites

Adoption of online banking is a great step towards adoption of commerce and payments using online as a medium. Most banks are now very focused on promoting online banking to increase stickiness of users and reduce transaction costs. The ViziSense reports shows the progress made by banks around the same by analyzing the traffic and activities on online banking sites. This report includes :

Online Banking
  • Top banking sites (by traffic) and their user profiles
  • Composition of users by geographies
  • Analysis of day part and time around usage of online banking sites
  • Source of traffic and the funnel of user activity across these sites
  • Use of online payment options on these sites
  • Source of transactions on online payment sites

and lots more.

Sample size of 4000+ users analyzed between October 2009 - October 2010

Online Travel - focuses on Online Travel Agent sites (OTAs) and Airline websites

Online Travel - focuses on Online Travel Agent sites (OTAs) and Airline websites

The online travel sector continues to be the first point of entry for most e-commerce transactions in India. Making online travel bookings much more convenient, transparent and fun, the Online travel sites have seen a huge growth of over 35% (in usage) in 2010. The ViziSense report showcases the split of users across the various travel sections while focusing on OTAs and captures the following :

Online Travel
  • Split of users on OTAs and airline sites
  • Share of usage between metros and rest of country across both these segment of sites
  • Top sites and their attributes (highest searched sectors, destinations, etc.) and their traffic source within the OTA segment
  • Demographic profile of users and their daily usage and time spent behavior
  • Difference in profile of buyers vs. visitors on OTAs

and many more insights.

Sample size of 6000+ users analyzed between October 2009 - October 2010

Automobile report (cars) - digs deeper into the car buying / researching activity of online users and their preferences

The passenger car segment has seen a tremendous growth in 2010 and what's becoming even more important is the role of online automobile sites in aiding the decision making process of car buyers. The ViziSense report digs deeper into:

Auto Report
  • Contribution of automobile portals and OEM sites to car buying and comparison of the same (in terms of usage)
  • Share of cars searched (in every segment from entry level till the premium segment)
  • Comparisons across models and segments
  • Top cities and share of non-metros across segments
  • Attributes and features most consumed on automobile sites as well as OEM sites and their comparison
  • Share of interest between 'new' and 'used' cars

and lots more insights.

Sample size of 5000+ users analyzed between June - December 2010

B2C e-commerce in India

2010-2011 clearly belonged to the non-Travel B2C e-commerce category which has caught the fancy of Indians with new entrants promising great discounts and an even better user experience and the advent of the all new services category. This report prepared by the research desk of ViziSense, India's first and leading Internet Audience Measurement Platform, is an attempt to dig deeper into the fast evolving B2C e-commerce market and answer some key questions by providing a detailed analysis on usage patterns and growth on e-commerce websites, types of products and services sought and purchased, purchase sessions, share of transactions amongst various websites, etc.