Komli Engage

Facebook touches every aspect of a migrant’s life to stay in touch with family and friends and helping them being in touch with their  homeland  news and E!

Komli multicultural has built a proprietary tool to target these ethnic groups in North America and globally.

Komli works with leading global brands both as advertisers and as strategic partners, helping them harness the real power of the social web. We now offer brands end-to-end social solutions.

Komli Engage

OUR EXPERTISE : Our expertise has been built over time by working exclusively with brands across all consumer-centric categories on Facebook's premium advertising, and also on marketplace advertising to promote brand pages.

TECHNOLOGY : Our exclusive technology partnerships help us build and execute some fantastic social media campaigns.

  • Building Facebook pages, contest tabs and even applications that can be published on Facebook, Twitter and tactical microsites
  • Best-in-class analytics which helps us understand consumer behaviour on these pages / tabs and accordingly continuously improve our social media strategy

  • Best-in-class marketplace campaign setup and optimization for large scale social campaigns
  • Allows aggressive 24x7 marketplace optimization