Komli Multicultural

Founded in 2006, Komli Media is Asia Pacific’s leading media technology company with a global reach of 276+ million, and a footprint across 14 countries and 18 locations worldwide. Over the last five years Komli has grown from 5 to 400+ employees and we have successfully evolved to grow both our offerings and global presence. At Komli, every campaign is a custom effort. We recognize that every marketer and every campaign has a different need therefore we provide various media offerings to cater to all digital needs.


Today, most advertisers have realized the lucrative value of marketing to millions of ethnic consumers. They have realized that in an increasingly diverse market, brands must recognize the cultural and socio-economic drivers of the purchasing decisions of these communities.

Komli Multicultural was born keeping in mind this dynamic requirement, where we provide integrated solution across all digital channels.

Komli exclusively represents Facebook, Viacom, and MSN in several countries in the Asia Pacific region.  Komli’s advertisers include leading brands such as Unilever, McDonalds, Toyota, Kraft, and Verizon. Komli was voted by Business Week - The World’s Top Fifty Global Technology Start-Ups.


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