Play Platform

Komli Play’s interactive video advertising platform enables advertisers, digital agencies and publishers to deliver highly engaging, entertaining and interactive video ads. The platform has the ability to deliver and measure interactive video advertising online, and to popular HTML5-compatible mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch, and android devices.

Komli Play provides campaign performance tracking, brand awareness and purchase intent analytics for advertisers via BrandGage — a real-time analytics platform. The end result is a better-informed, more engaged customer, improved ad performance and ultimately higher ROI on video ad campaigns. The platform used by Komli is one of the first video ad platforms to be certified by the IAB. Advertisers and publishers benefit from Komli Play’s interactive video advertising technology in many ways.


  • Advertisers can deliver highly engaging video ads on the web, mobile and tablet devices via a single tag. These include pre-roll, in-banner, in-app or in-game mobile ads.
  • You can use Komli Play’s point-and-click ad authoring tools to create innovative ad units using video (existing video ads or TV commercials) or rich media assets, quickly and with ease.
  • You can add interactive and social widgets to maximize user interactions. You can choose from a wide selection of standard interactivity options or easily insert custom interactions to meet your campaign objectives. What’s more, Komli Play allows you to test and change widgets on the fly without pausing your campaign.
  • Many of the existing forms of video advertising measurement simply report video clicks and views, rather than providing a deep level of analytics and insights.

Each Komli Play ad is pre-instrumented with analytic tags that report back to the Komli Play platform all user interactions with the video ad. Thus, Komli can provide advanced tracking and analysis to advertisers and publishers in easy-to-read reports.