Komli Play

When it comes to catching eyeballs in India, TV has always been the way to go. The colours, the characters and most importantly the storytelling has captured the collective imagination of the nation and hence that of the advertisers.

Komli Play helps advertisers take this magic and bring it alive on digital media. Not just that, it makes the experience even more gratifying by allowing users to magnify the idea and interact with the video content.

Why Komli Play?

  • Advertisers can use the Play platform to develop and deliver highly engaging video and rich media advertisements
  • The platform gives advertisers a deep level of analytics and insights that reports not only video clicks and views but also information about the user’s interaction with the ad
  • Komli Play boasts of a well-entrenched list of publishers including over 200 of the nation’s largest media companies
  • We are highly transparent in our delivery reporting
  • The platform has the ability to deliver to popular HTML5-compatible mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch, and android devices
  • Komli play offers advertisers a whole range of creative canvases, allowing them to choose a unit best suited for their needs
Komli Play