Komli ROI

Komli ROI is the solution for publishers to maximize the value of their unsold inventory. This network works best for publishers with significant inventory and an active user base. Komli’s dynamic auction technology sorts through thousands of advertisements to determine the one that will result in the highest CPM to the publisher and serves this ad, thereby maximizing your revenue opportunity.

As one of India’s largest ad network Komli works closely with India’s top advertisers to make sure that it connects the right audience with the right ad, making it a win-win situation for both publishers and advertisers.

Our commitment to maximizing publisher success makes us work harder to achieve the highest eCPMs and get the most appropriate advertisers to our partner sites.

Strong Performance Network

Through a well-entrenched advertising network, Komli has delivered on performance based goals for over half a decade. Our display network spans over 1200 publishers and has 55 million unique users. This gives Komli two significant advantages – we can not only service large volumes, but also reach very niche audiences.

Best In Class Technology

To give our clients the best, we work with nothing but the best. Best-in-class technologies enable us to deliver better eCPMs.
Our homegrown technology, and India’s first Real-Time Bidding ad platform, ATOM, helps us run highly targeted and efficient online ad campaigns, ATOM’s system algorithms ensure that the right campaign is targeted towards the right impression and the right audiences,  thereby maximizing yield for our publisher and driving better monetization!

Our People

At Komli, people are our greatest strength and asset. Our young, passionate and hardworking team brings 10+ years of experience with the best agencies and publishers in the industry. This team constantly evaluates and works to

maximize campaign optimization by leveraging our technology capabilities, and deliver the seemingly impossible ROI goals set by our advertisers. Also, a dedicated publisher account management team ensures that the needs of our publishers are always met.